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Craftsman4home - About Us

Bespoke at a price that will surprise you!

We have been producing original and creative stone and wooden products for over 50 years.

Craftsman Limited is a family company operating in the UK and Europe. We pride ourselves on being skilled craftsman and aim to provide beautiful bespoke furniture and fittings for your home made from the best materials and produced to the highest standards.

Associates Working Together to Give You a Wider Range of Quality Products

Recently we have been building relationships with like-minded craftsmen helping them reach wider markets with their skills and products and providing our clients with a wider range of quality products.

Smaller products we provide, larger products we introduce you to the supplier and let you deal direct saving you more money.

This has allowed us to introduce a wide range of unique products including:
• Stone worktops and stone sinks
• Designer kitchens
• Stone wall and floor tiles
• Unique stone sculptures
• Quality hardwood furniture
• Innovative concrete staircases
• Wooden buildings and log cabins
• Wood burners
Selected samples of these products are available to view at our Reading showroom and workshop we would be pleased to demonstrate them to you and discuss your requirements over a cup of coffee.

We are always on the lookout for a new challenge so if you have something specific in mind you would like made.

History - UK and European

You may be interested to know that we originated in the Baltic States, initially based in Klaipeda, the major seaport in Lithuania. Responding to the expansion of the European market and international business possibilities during the last decade, we have been working in various natural materials on projects in numerous countries including Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.

Our company started to operate under the name of Craftsman Ltd in 2004.

For Stone products the raw materials are shipped to our workshops in Klaipeda (Lithuania) and Reading (United Kingdom) where our skilled craftsmen design and create our beautiful and original granite products. These include kitchen worktops, head stones, stair cases, bathrooms, bar worktops, window sills, tiles and stone art products.

Having worked with lots of like-minded craftsman, builders, tradesmen, architects and designers across many countries we thought in 2010 that there was an opportunity to bring some of these skilled people together and offer clients a wider range of services and products without unnecessary formality and complications. So that is what we are trying to do. Where it makes sense we can supply the products, for the bigger projects it makes sense for you to deal direct with the suppliers, we just try to make that easier.