Glass Products

Craftsman Ltd offers a great range of products from genuine colored and painted glass slabs that are available for all sorts of applications such as Splashbacks and Worktops, Partitions, Windowsills, Canopy Roofs, Doors, Balconies, Stairs, Shelves, Glass Furniture. The assortment of colored glass includes wide range of products from the simpliest hot-shaped, colored glass products to the modern design furniture pieces. It is always nice to get touchy-feely with materials before you are sure that it is definitely what you want, therefore Craftsman Ltd would be pleased to invite you to the showroom to evaluate before you place an order.

RAL is the most popular colour matching systems used in Europe, however the most common customer query is how to convert RAL color into the different systems such as DULUX or BS. Please use this page to compare the color codes and actual colors.

Craftsman Ltd will help to find a perfect color scheme for every home and every taste!


Glass types and Glass related Products

We have a wide range of glass slabs available for all sorts of applications from Splashbacks and Worktops, Partitions, Windowsills, Canopy Roofs, Doors, Balconies, Stairs, Shelves, Glass Furniture ... Here are some examples:

I. Colorless Float Glass (standard with tones of green) and Opti Clear (very clear) - a clear standard glass, good light transmission (good light conductor) via polished glass surface. Thickness from 2 to 19 mm. Can be used for a very wide range of applications, from simple glass products to the most complex architectural designs.

Products: Painted & Toughened Glass Splashbacks and Worktops, Partitions, Windowsills, Canopy Roofs, Bathroom Doors, Glass Furniture, and other exterior and interior details. 

II. Coated glass (Tinted) - polished glass coloured during production. The most common colours: brown (bronze), grey, green and blue, black. Used to reduce Ultra Violet rays from the sun. Thickness from 4 to 10 mm.

Tinted Glass and stairs

Products: Balconies, Doors, Partitions, Stairs, Splashbacks, Shelves, Windowsills, Canopy Roofs, Bathroom Doors, Glass Furniture, and other exterior and interior details. 

III. Recycled glass - made from crushing old glass bottles and other glass items and then re-forming them into glass surfaces (Slabs, worktops, and other surfaces). The glass is crushed into a powder and bits, color is added, then the surface is pressed into a mold, and finally baked at a high temperature.

Products: Kitchen and Bathroom Worktops (countertops) and Splashbacks, Wall panels, Stairs, Windowsills

Orange and Green Glass Splashbacks

White Glass worktops and splashbacks

IV. Nano Crystallized White Glass - smelted at 1600°C with a special heat treatment technique. Crystal Glass is a new product with all the good features of natural stone. It is very white and extremely durable. We have tested this material ourselves against wine, lemon, ketchup, tea, coffee, cosmetics and other all sort of organic acids and found it to have excellent stain resisting properties and is highly scratch resistance.

Products: Worktops and Upstands, Wall and Floor panels, Stairs, Windowsills and more. Max Slab sizes 3000mm x 1400mm x 20mm (30mm available shortly - please enquire).

Glass sink and porch roof

V. Decorative Glass and other.

V.a Patterned Glass (ornamental, relief, pattern) – A range of patterned and reinforced glass available.

Products: Door windows, Screens, Furniture, Kitchen unit doors and more, laminated splash backs

V.b Matt - Acid or sand etched glass available in various finishes including: colourless, polished, and painted. In addition to their satin finish, matt glasses diffuse light and ensure privacy.  


V.c Mirror - polished glass, coated with a reflective silver coating, protected by several layers of paint. Ca be produced with a hint of colour: brown, grey, green, blue, black, matt. 


Main areas of application: furniture (kitchen and bathroom, bedroom) and interior elements and more. Colourless mirrors are 3 to 6 mm thickness and coloured glass is 4 mm thick. Mirrors can be etched with a range ornamental patterns and can be given an antique finish.

Please note that mirror cannot be toughened only laminated for extra safety, but mirrored glass can be toughened colour: brown, grey, green, and blue, black, mat.

Max dimensions in one piece 3210 x 2250 mm.

Products: Mirrors for bathrooms and toilets, wardrobe, cloak rooms, elevators, receptions decks, commercial and domestic, fun mirrors for children rooms and more….